Funny Stuff

When The Honeymoon Is Over….

To whoever put this scene together and photographed it, thank you!  Your meticulous work made my day!  I’m happy to report I have not yet reached this “phase” of my relationship.  I guess when the thrill of new love has faded away, it all comes down to who can gross the other out the most.


While I love the element of surprise, I feel comfortable sharing my final save-the-dates as they will be sent out to our guests very soon.  I finished them last month using – an online graphic design store.  I usually use Shutterfly for photo-products, but for bulk items, I found Vistaprint to be the most reasonably priced […]


Not wanting to miss out on an important and seemingly exciting wedding tradition, I asked my mom to go to David’s Bridal in Eugene with me to try on wedding dresses.  I had done some browsing online at David’s Bridal’s website, as well as Nordstrom’s Rack, Etsy, and Macy’s, but I felt that shopping for […]

A Titillating Gown

My best friend and maid-of-honor, Bridget, was kind enough to give me some wedding dress suggestions: I must say this bride’s necklace really emphasizes her curves.  Thanks Bridget, it’s definitely in the running!

Make ’em laugh

This may sound odd in a wedding blog, but frankly, in this day in age marriage is a risky endeavor.  Many marriages end in divorce, and no matter how close you are with someone, it’s still a roll of the dice as to whether this life-long commitment will withstand.  On top of that, planning a […]