Walk It Off

For me, special occasions are always a good reason to make improvements to my appearance.  Usually, during a holiday or someone’s birthday, I get the chance to meet new people and become reacquianted with old friends and family, and frankly, I want to look as though I’ve improved since my last visit, or at least as though I haven’t declined.  I’ll usually […]

You can do anything with a cupcake liner…

Apart from holding cupcakes, I’ve been surprised to learn that cupcake liners serve many decorative purposes.  Especially today when you can get a cupcake liner in a variety of sizes and designs.  Here are a few really great designs: Doesn’t this make you want to bake some cupcakes?  Moving on, I think DIY decorations add […]

Crafty Shmafty

My friends, Leon and Heidi, are also getting married this year, next month in fact.  Many props to Heidi, as she is taking DIY to a whole new level.  She has purchased some things to make it easy for her and Leon, but for the most part has taken a hands-on approach to her entire wedding.  […]

Mason Jars

There are all kinds of details you can incorporate into a wedding to create a country/picnic theme.  The options are so endless.  Here are a few ideas: Rent a barn as a wedding venue Use hay stacks as seats Hire a country music band Serve sweet tea as a beverage Take photos next to a tractor […]

Home of the Homemade: Etsy!!

As an avid online shopper, Etsy is one of the coolest online shops out there, mostly because it’s not just one shop, but millions! Crafters and collectors place their handcrafted or collectable items for sale on Etsy. Say you want a pair of earrings made out of vinyl records? Simply type it into Etsy and […]

Most Beautiful hair

People Magazine recently released their list of the world’s most beautiful people.  Beyonce won the coveted “Most Beautiful,” and I certainly can’t argue with that.  She’s amazing in all facets.  I perused through the list and came across the vivacious and stunning Christina Hendricks.  I’ve always thought of her as a modern day Marilyn Monroe, […]

When The Honeymoon Is Over….

To whoever put this scene together and photographed it, thank you!  Your meticulous work made my day!  I’m happy to report I have not yet reached this “phase” of my relationship.  I guess when the thrill of new love has faded away, it all comes down to who can gross the other out the most.