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About the Blog

This project is intended to both help me organize and document the ideas I come across for my upcoming September wedding, and if it goes well, hopefully it’ll provide a few tips or ideas to other people organizing a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wedding.

For the purposes of this blog, my interpretation of DIY is loose.  I won’t be whittling the wood for the tables and chairs, nor will my fiance and I brew our own wedding beer.  We will certainly take the easy route with certain aspects of our planning, however, our wedding will be organized without the help of a professional planner, stylist, caterer, florist, hair dresser, makeup artist, or photographer.  With that said, my goal is to demonstrate how a quality wedding can be planned without these aides.

Also, I will not be “doing-it-myself” in literal terms, as I will have the help of my fiance, friends, and family, who I will touch upon in different sections of the blog.  In fact, the phrase “do-it-ourselves” is probably more accurate as I am enlisting a lot of help from our loved ones based on their various talents and willingness to help. 

My aim is to steer away from making this a blog about my relationship, personal life, predictions about marriage,  and so on, but rather to focus on the planning of a wedding that will hopefully be of high quality on a low budget.  Although, I am sure they are bound to intertwine at certain points.  I hope you enjoy!


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