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You can do anything with a cupcake liner…

Apart from holding cupcakes, I’ve been surprised to learn that cupcake liners serve many decorative purposes.  Especially today when you can get a cupcake liner in a variety of sizes and designs.  Here are a few really great designs:

24-count for $3.99 at Kmart

LimeFloral Biodegradable cupcake liners at http://www.greenpartygoods.com – 20-count for $4.99

Jumbo Brown wiht Gold Folded Cupcake liners at Cupcake Social on Etsy.com – 24-count for $5

Doesn’t this make you want to bake some cupcakes?  Moving on, I think DIY decorations add a very special touch to a party.  Much like witnessing a wedding ceremony, homemade touches create an atmosphere where guests can experience something they don’t see everyday.  I came across a very simple project online that incorporates cupcake liners and just a few other tools, and it creates an elaborate effect:

Cupcake Liner Pom Pomander by Kara’s Party Ideas

Here is the link to the step-by-step tutorial:  http://www.karaspartyideas.com/2011/01/cupcake-liner-pom-poms-tutorial-vintage.html.  Instead of placing the pom poms on a candlestick, I would opt for tying them to strings and hanging them, as our wedding will be in a backyard with a lot of trees.

The tutorial includes pictures, which I always find very helpful.  I also read up on the author, Kara Allen, a professional party planner whose been featured in magazines and on television shows such as The Rachael Ray Show.  She also has a new show on the online network My Craft Channel and a book coming out in October titled Kara’s Party Ideas.  I’m already hooked.  My son is turning one next month and we’re throwing his party at the beach, and Kara had a whole section on her website devoted to beach parties.  She featured a Surf’s Up Summer Party that provided scads of good ideas, and while I don’t have the time to do most, I found one really cute idea that, of course, included cupcakes:



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