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Mason Jars

There are all kinds of details you can incorporate into a wedding to create a country/picnic theme.  The options are so endless.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Rent a barn as a wedding venue
  • Use hay stacks as seats
  • Hire a country music band
  • Serve sweet tea as a beverage
  • Take photos next to a tractor or a big wooden fence

While country/picnic is a theme in our wedding, I wouldn’t say it applies to all aspects.  For instance, my gown would probably be considered grecian-style, and the cuisine will likely be a fusion of culinary styles.  However, there are a few key details that I would like to include to add a touch of rustic country charm.  To be specific, mason jars:

My love of mason jars began with my fiance.  He prefers to drink out of a masor jar, if whenever possible.  When I go to his parents’ house for dinner, I am usually handed a small mason jar with wine, and frankly, it’s downright charming.  A few other ideas that I had that are easy and affordable are to fill the jars with wildflowers and wrap the neck of the jar in twine.  As I found online, many others have had similar ideas:

Another cute idea that I came across, especially if your wedding is in the evening or night, is to fill the jars with water and float tea candles:

I priced mason jars online and found that a 12-pack ranges from $15-25 depending on the size of the jars.  I am not yet sure if I want to buy enough for guests to use a drinking glasses, or use them just as vases.  Either way, with a guest list of about 40-50, the cost wouldn’t be that much.  I’ve started collecting mason jars, and have them in different sizes.  I’m thinking about using my own as vases at the wedding, not just for table centerpieces, but also to place a few bouquets on the buffet table, the stage, and near the alter.

One comment on “Mason Jars

  1. Ah I love them, want to fill my apartment with them


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