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Home of the Homemade: Etsy!!

As an avid online shopper, Etsy is one of the coolest online shops out there, mostly because it’s not just one shop, but millions! Crafters and collectors place their handcrafted or collectable items for sale on Etsy. Say you want a pair of earrings made out of vinyl records? Simply type it into Etsy and viola, it’ll point you toward a whole slew of vendors eager to sell the jewelry they’ve painstakingly cut and crafted out of an old Chicago record. (I used to sell vinyl earrings on Etsy – wink, wink!).

Since I am utilizing all kinds of homemade methods for my wedding (see post titled ‘Partners in Wedding Planning” for more info), Etsy was a natural choice to search for wedding accessories.  I am looking for a nice, simple wedding hair piece and here are a few that I came across on Etsy:

"Ivory Flower Natural Barrette" from The Sunflower Stand on Etsy.com - $17 + shipping

"Wedding Headbands or Bridesmaid Hair Accessory Headband" at ThreeBirdNest on Etsy.com - $17.50 + shipping

"Bobby Pin Flowers" from PetalMix on Etsy.com - $30 + shipping

Perhaps a little color:

"Peach color flower hair clip with lace and pearls" from LittleWhiteDresser on Etsy.com - $25 (free shipping!)

Decisions, decisions



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