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The Great Contender

I was turned on to the Nordstrom Rack through a very fashionable co-worker of mine, who is very savvy with online shopping.  Nordstrom Rack is separate from Nordstrom department stores and offers apparel, accessories, and shoes from Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com at lower prices.  You can also shop online at Nordstrom Rack (http://shop.nordstrom.com/C/nordstrom-rack), and they offer free shipping and returns regardless of the price of your purchase.  I came across this very beautiful Adrianna Papell dress at the Nordstrom Rack online for $298, and though it eventually was beat out by other options, my thoughts still drift to it from time-to-time.  I had some criteria for my ideal dress that this didn’t quite meet, however, I think it is a stunning dress.

I really enjoy the nude mesh straps, it looks like the jewels are laying right on your skin.


The back is so feminine and sexy, I came very close to making this my dress.


It was really the bodice that turned me away – I tried on something similar to this mermaid bodice at a bridal store and found it rather constricting and unflattering.  Empire waist is the ideal fit for me, and though the design of this dress appealed to me so much, I felt that the fitting of the dress is as equally crucial to the overall look.



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