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Partners in Wedding Planning

One important thing to consider when your planning your wedding is to look at to the talents of the people close to you and see if they would be willing to offer their help.  For instance, if you have a friend who styles her hair really nicely, perhaps ask if she would be willing to help you create your wedding ‘do.  That’s $200 that you can spend on more important things, like alcohol and food, which you never want to be short of at a wedding.  I must say that we have been fortunate enough to have so many of our friends and family offer their skills without provocation.

Here’s how awesome they are:

Heidi – friend, bridesmaid, best man’s fiancée, used to bake as a profession and continues to as a hobby.  She has offered to make our cake.

Bridget – best friend, maid of honor, owner of an online makeup shop specializing in mineral makeup.  She is providing all of the makeup for the wedding!

Carla – mother of the groom, avid flower picker and arranger.  She has offered to help me handpick flowers for the entire wedding at a U-Pick farm (think wholesale flowers) in the area, and she will be hosting the rehearsal dinner at her home.

Cheryl – mother of the bride, wedding host.  She has not only offered her home and backyard at the venue, but has offered to be in charge of making and preparing the food.

David – bride’s step-father, bonified handyman.  Since he agreed with my mother to host the wedding, David is taking on various remodelling projects to improve the back deck and yard.  I plan on documenting the progress of the backyard from what it is now (overgrown chaos as a result of Oregon’s long winters) to what it will look like for the big day.  My step-brother, Zach, Johnny, and I will also be assisting with various home and garden projects for David.

Cody – another one of the bride’s best friends.  In lieu of making him a bridesman, I recruited him to “marry” Johnny and I.  Never short of quick wit, and always a charmer, he is officiating our wedding.

Sharon – Best man’s mother, musician.  Sharon plays various instruments in various bands, and has offered to be the main source of musical entertainment at our wedding.


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