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Wedding Theme

Here’s what we know about our wedding so far:

Date & Time:  September 15, 2012

Location:  My parents’ backyard

Predicted number of attendees: 40

Theme:  Picnic wedding

When I told my parents I was getting married, my mom insisted on helping.  First, she offered her backyard as a venue.  After looking at venues ranging from $1500-$4000/day, I concluded that her offer was probably a smart idea.  Plus, she has a large, lush, and beautiful backyard.

Before deciding on food, decorations, wedding attire, or even the date, Johnny and I pondered over a theme or style.  We’re both very outdoorsy, and enjoy the simpleness and freedom of country life, though we live in the city, so we settled on a country-style backyard picnic wedding.  So far, the images I’ve had of our wedding include red gingham table clothes, mason jars, lemonade, wildflowers, burlap sacks, and hay bales.



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